Monday, May 11, 2015

My heart radio

Music is how your heart speaks to the world. This is what my heart has to say:

Coco butter kisses - chance the rapper 
Lost- chance the rapper 
Girls like you - Miguel 
Video games - Lana del Rey 
She will be loved - maroon 5
Steal my girl - 1D
I'm not the only one - Sam smith 
3005 - childish gambino 
Too much - drake
Picture me rolling - 2pac
Mr. Brightside- the killers
All eyez on me - 2pac
Thugz mansion (acoustic version) - 2pac
California king bed - Rihanna 
No role modelz- j cole
Love yourz- j cole 
Be lazy - skizzy mars 
Planes - jeremih ft. Chance the rapper 
Spider head - cage the elephant 
American beauty - drew Holcomb & the neighbors 
Boyz-N-The-Hood -eazy e 
You and the 6 - drake
The way I am - Ingrid Michaelson 
Pinch me - the barenaked ladies
Frank Sinatra- cake
Pink matter - frank ocean
Awkward- Tyler the creator 
Pilot- Tyler the creator 
Teen idle - marina and the diamonds 
Car radio- twenty one pilots 
Poetic justice- Kendrick Lamar 
The man - aloe blacc 
Feel good - gorillaz
Power trip - j cole 
Chum- earl sweatshirt 
All of me - John legend 
Charlotte- Huey Mack 
Just believe- g eazy 
Promises - wiz khalifa 
Stand by my woman- Lenny kravitz
Family business- Kanye west 
Photograph - Ed sheeran 


The things in my heart

Sunday, May 10, 2015

I remember part 2

I remember when my hero was born! You may be younger but you inspire me everyday to work harder and be a better me. I never thought that you would change my life so much. I remember holding you for the first time and my whole body flooding with happiness. I remember your first smile and how you could illuminate a football stadium with joy. I remember the day I found out you had cerebral palsy and I cried for hours not understanding how much of a blessing your disability would be for our family! I remember your first steps and from that day on I knew that I could do anything I set my mind to! 

I remember

I remember the first day of English 
I remember not listening at all, but racking my brain to find the right words to say to you
I remember all I came up with was "hey! What's your name?".
I remember forgetting your name but never forgetting your beautiful blue eyes
I remember you asking me on our first date
I remember feeling sick of nerves all day getting ready for our date
I remember you picking me up with your wavy hair and the blue shirt you were wearing 
I remember the cold cafe rio and not having forks
I remember the dance, and feeling care free because I felt as if i had known you for years 
I remember after the dance sitting by the fire and accidentally melting my shoes 
I remember the porch and wishing I had kissed you

Shoes part 2

Here is a little video about shoes!


Shoes are like love, you can never have enough!